Five Observations from True Blood ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’


Despite Lilith’s naked appearance, Eric chose to stick to mainstreaming in the latest episode of True Blood.

One week after the chaos, after hot-and-naked Lilith crystallized from a puddle of blood and the Authority wreaked havoc on the helpless people of NOLA, things returned to a (relative) state of normalcy in the latest episode of True Blood. Characters made sense of the madness that occurred, and many were forced to declare their loyalty before the all-but-inevitable Human vs. Vampire war.

There were also some lighter moments, including Tara’s angry Fangtasia banter and Alcide’s alpha-male sex throw. Here are five takeaways from “Somebody That I Used To Know.”



Five Observations from True Blood ‘Hopeless’ (Season 5, Episode 6)

Roman arrived for Bill and Eric’s welcoming party in style, with a blue Nike polo and an 18th-century jug of blood.

SPOILER ALERT: This entry contains information through the most recent episode of True Blood, “Hopeless” (Season 5, Episode 6).

And boom goes the dynamite. After our latest hour in Bon Temps, True Blood finally provided the twist that fans have been waiting for. Five episodes after his debut, Roman is dead. And with Russell Edgington’s rise and the inevitability of a human-vampire war, the show should take off in the second half of Season 5. It should feature all we’ve come to know and love from True Blood: More death, more violence and, presumably, more sex.

Since I won’t make expanded mention in the observations below, let me first make note of the fairy madness occupying Sookie and Jason. Both learned pivotal lessons from last night’s fairy party palace encounter: 1) Never attempt to reclaim a lost tie. 2.) Five super snatches are more powerful than one.

Keeping that in mind, here are five takeaways from “Hopeless.”


Five Observations from True Blood ‘Let’s Boot and Rally’ (Season 5, Episode 5)

Tara and Jessica went from budding gal pals to backstabbing vamp-fighting frenemies in “Let’s Boot and Rally.”

SPOILER ALERT: This entry contains information through the most recent episode of True Blood, “Let’s Boot and Rally” (Season 5, Episode 5).

Holy shitcakes. If the last episode of True Blood set the stage, reintroducing the fairy lair and furthering Lafayette’s demonic tendencies, “Let’s Boot and Rally” took things to a whole new level. Almost every storyline was accelerated, from Bill and Eric’s quest for Russell Edgington to Terry and Patrick’s ex-Marine manhunt to Tara’s grasp of her newfound vamp-ness. We even met Doug, who — without question — is the greatest character True Blood has or will ever know. He’s simply the coolest parking lot booth operator in the history of mankind.

Before I get into my Five Observations, I need to ask one more thing: What was up with Jesus’ mouth-sewed-shut severed head? And how did Lafayette’s mother, Ruby Jean, understand what it was trying to communicate? I’m completely baffled.

Questions aside, this episode delivered. Here are my five takeaways from “Let’s Boot and Rally.”


Five Observations from True Blood: ‘We’ll Meet Again’ (Season 5, Episode 4)

After admitting to shooting his ex-girlfriend in the face, Sookie mounted Alcide in “We’ll Meet Again.”

SPOILER ALERT: This entry contains information through the most recent episode of True Blood, “We’ll Meet Again” (Season 5, Episode 4).

We’re four episodes into Season 5, and True Blood is really starting to pick up. Sookie embraced her inner drunk, Tara harnessed her inner vampire and Andy Bellefleur was blindsided by a chance encounter with his fairy lover, a meeting that could cause him to doubt his budding relationship with Holly. Terry and Patrick’s wild journey took a surprising twist, and another member of the Authority was ousted as an insider traitor.

The lack of nudity thus far has been disappointing, but for the most part, the latest installment of True Blood has lived up to its lofty hype. Here are five takeaways from “We’ll Meet Again.”


HBO extends ‘Newsroom,’ ‘True Blood’

HBO renewed The Newsroom for a second season after just two episodes.

HBO announced on Monday that The Newsroom and True Blood will be back for another season. The one-season extension particularly seems like a ringing endorsement for Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom, a show that’s just two episodes in.

The series premier tallied 2.1 million viewers, according to TV Guide, making the debut the premium cable network’s third best series pilot. Boardwalk Empire debuted to 4.8 million while  TNW favorite Game of Thrones attracted 2.2 million for the greatest show that ever was or will be (bias alert).

It’s a bold move for HBO, which is investing in a product that has a very limited sample size. As MR said today, premium subscription cable can get away with that. The show, starring Jeff Daniels as news giant Will McAvoy, still has some kinks to work out, as reviews haven’t all been positive and the second episode seemed to move the characters further from reality and alienate some fans. But Sorkin now knows he has more time to build the series into mandatory viewing.

True Blood’s renewal came as much less of a surprise. The show is four episodes into the fifth season and ratings are still high, with some 4.7 million viewers tuning in before Newsroom’s premiere. But reports are swirling that True Blood‘s head honcho Alan Ball might be taking a more backseat role, so there could be some changes in store for TV’s favorite blood suckers as the show heads into its sixth season.

Five Observations from True Blood: ‘Authority Always Wins’

Christopher Meloni showed off his extremely pointy fangs as Roman Zimojic, the Guardian of the Vampire Authority, in the latest episode of ‘True Blood’.

SPOILER ALERT: This entry contains information through the most recent episode of True Blood, “Authority Always Wins” (Season 5, Episode 2).

Another episode of True Blood is in the books, and for the second consecutive week, our favorite vampire drama didn’t disappoint. Tara continued to lose her mind, Terry’s PTSD-induced nightmares intensified and Emma turned into an adorable, pajama-clad werewolf! It was everything we could have hoped for and more.

There was some pretty significant plot development, too. Here are five takeaways from “Authority Always Wins.”


Five Observations from the ‘True Blood’ Season 5 Premiere

Bill Compton, Eric Northman and Nora Gainsborough happily welcome the Vampire Authority during the ‘True Blood’ Season 5 premiere. (HBO)

SPOILER ALERT: This entry contains information through the most recent episode of True Blood, “Turn! Turn! Turn!” (Season 5, Episode 1).

Following last week’s Game of Thrones finale, I was crestfallen: It sunk in that I have wait 10 months until the Season 3 premiere. Life will have to go on without Dany, Tyrion and Arya, and I’ll have to cope with a dragon and Robb Stark hair-free existence. Though I’ll see less of Joffrey, I still went through the requisite stages of grief: Denial, uncontrollable rage, and finally, acceptance (It’s going to be okay. Isn’t it? ISN’T IT?!)

Thankfully, something happened to stunt my depression. True Blood made its Season 5 debut. And while shows like Game of Thrones and Mad Men prefer slow burn tactics, steadily building toward late-season revelations, True Blood favors a start-with-a-bang approach, introducing chaos from the onset and making sense of everything (or at least a few things) later.

“Turn! Turn! Turn!” was no exception. Here are five takeaways from our long-awaited return to Bon Temps.