Boardwalk Empire Season 3 roundtable: Face off!

By TNW Staff


Did your Sunday evening feel empty without a fresh hour of Boardwalk Empire in your life? Fear not, TNW is here with a better-late-than-never (we hope) Season 3 roundtable wrap.

1. In 10 words or less, how did you feel about Boardwalk Empire Season 3.

CW: Quietly reliable, each episode better than the last.

MR: Sometimes disappointing. More often enthralling. Still not Season 2!

RB: Finally consistent. Finally connected. Action and characters all added up.



The Newsroom midseason roundtable: Are we there yet?

By TNW staff

Neal has become a popular character on HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’.

We’re five shows deep into HBO’s newest series, The Newsroom, which means we’re at the midseason break. We can cue up the ugly unis and call it an All Star game, or we can poll the TNW experts for how they feel on Aaron Sorkin’s latest project. Since the Olympics are kicking off, we’ve already hit our quota of ugly uniforms, so why don’t we stick with the roundtable, shall we?

Before we get into it, a couple quick orders of business: A) As a sign of solidarity to the mathematically incompetent out there, we’re boycotting the number four. Because, well, fuck four. B) Spoiler Alert: This roundtable contains information from the first five episodes of The Newsroom.

1. In 10 words or less, how do you like The Newsroom?

Jerry Callo: Improving but still leaving me angry after every episode.

CW: Trying to like it, major flaws pushing me away.

BG: Entertaining and smart, but (more than a little) pretentious.

AY: Faltered early, but has (I hope) steered back on course.

MR: It’s witty, thoughtful and engaging, but annoyingly preachy and staged.


‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 premiere roundtable

By TNW Staff

Walt, Jesse and Mike contemplate their next move in “Live Free or Die.”

He won. Which of course means we as viewers won. Walter White is back in our lives, and Sunday nights are all the better for it. Now, TNW’s Breaking Bad enthusiasts share their thoughts on the Season 5 premiere, “Live free or die.”

Spoiler Alert: This post contains key details from the Breaking Bad Season 5 premiere, as well as details from all four earlier seasons. 


Roundtable: ‘Girls’ divides with first season

We laughed (when it was funny), we cried (when it was painfully pretentious), we watched two old people fuck in the shower (because East Lansing knows how to party). HBO’s freshman dramedy Girls inspired plenty of love of plenty of hate, but more than anything, it inspired discussion. Now, the PPC team chimes in.

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this if you haven’t seen Season 1 of Girls. You’ve been warned.


Roundtable: Did ‘Mad Men’ Season 5 live up to the extraordinary hype?

We laughed, we cried, we watched two dogs hump in a parking lot. It was an anticipated and eventful season of Mad Men, which means there’s much to discuss. PPC Roundtable Team, assemble!

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this if you haven’t seen every single second of every single episode of Mad Men Season 5. You’ve been warned.


PPC’s experts break down the best and worst of ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 2

Winter is coming … which is really shitty news, because it means another season of Game of Thrones is in the books and we’re facing a long, painful wait until Season 3 finally hits our screens. Before the grief really sets in, we Thrones enthusiasts at PPC wanted to share our thoughts on a highly entertaining second season.

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this if you haven’t seen every single second of every single episode of Seasons 1 and 2. You’ve been warned.


Roundtable: ‘Veep’ off to a good start

HBO Veep

Tony Hale (left) plays Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ right-hand man in HBO’s new comedy Veep.

HBO has busted out another new series, Veep, and though we’re just three episodes in, we’ve got a clear picture of what the show is bringing to the table. The PPC writers are all pretty bullish (finance term!) on the show. Why you ask? Well, you’ll have to read on to find out, of course.

1. In 10 words or less, how do you feel about Veep?

CW: Love it, fantastic cast with hilarious dialogue.

MR: It’s bizarre, scatological and insanely awkward. So, totally awesome.

BG: A smart, funny look at Washington ineptitude. Elaine does DC!

2. Where does it stack up on your list of comedies?

MR: It’s got a way to go before it ranks alongside Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The (Original/British) Office and my other all-time favorite comedies, but it’s already become appointment viewing. And given how loaded the Sunday night slate is, that’s really saying something.


Roundtable: HBO’s ‘Girls’ the real deal?

From left to right: Marnie, Jessa, Hannah and Shoshanna.

After three episodes of HBO’s new series Girls, we’re starting to learn what the characters are about and what the show has to offer. Reviews vary from unabashed praise to disgust. Here at Punching Pete Campbell, our writers each had a different reaction to the show.

1. In 10 words or less, how do you feel about Girls after three episodes?

BG: Growing on me. Parts are terrific, but jury’s still out.

CW: Dislike the characters, dislike the storylines, haven’t yet abandoned.

MR: Love the writing, love the awkwardness, hate the dancing.

2. Which of the characters do you like or dislike?

BG: As alluded to above, I’m starting to like the show. I really am. But through three episodes, I CAN’T STAND HANNAH. She reminds me of the girl at parties who orders an obscure mixed drink, complains that it’s made incorrectly and then, inevitably, gets trashed and passes out. She can also be witty to a fault (although I approved of her “Sorry I passed you an STD but I enjoy your quirky web presence” crack).

I’m also not sold on Marnie. She reminds me of the Girls version of Lyla Garrity: really hot, really annoying. It’s only a matter of time before she cheats on her boyfriend (with Tim Riggins?) and makes him feel shitty about it. As a guy, I feel obligated to simultaneously want and hate her.

But that brings me to why I’m also optimistic about the show: Jessa and Shoshanna. Jessa is not only a babe, but wears see-through body-length clothing, eats string cheese and smokes pot with (potentially) unemployed hipster dads. Awesome. Jessa also drinks White Russians, which, by default, qualifies her as the ultimate dude.