Peter ‘Drunklage’ Stops By SNL’s Weekend Update As Drunk Brother-In-Law

Melissa McCarthy hosted SNL this weekend, but there was a more noteworthy cameo for our purposes: Peter Dinklage Drunklage stopped by Weekend Update with Seth Meyers as Drunk Uncle’s brother in-law. Bobby Moynihan’s Drunk Uncle routine is increasingly becoming one of my favorite recurring characters on SNL, and this week featured several Game of Thrones hooks.

First, Drunk Uncle nails a King Joffrey impersonation at the 2:40 mark of the above video, performing the Westerosi classic “I’m a little jerk King” song and accompanying nipple tassel dance. So not only does Drunk Uncle watch Thrones, but he does so with his brother-in-law, Peter Drunklage.

Honestly, it’s crazy to say that TNW’s favorite Lannister might actually be too good of an actor for this. There’s a real chance Dinklage was actually drunk for this sketch, which made it all the better. We’ll be back shortly with our Game of Thrones Power Rankings, but hopefully the above video satisfies your Peter Dinklage fix until then.


Gabe from ‘The Office’ gets tooled by Lance Armstrong in Nike commercial

By C.W.

Lance Armstrong is a dick. This should not be breaking news to anyone. What was news to me, however, is that he did a commercial with that weird guy from corporate, Gabe, from NBC’s The Office. It’s funny, Lance seems like a dude who’s jacked up on PEDs and Gabe is, well, Gabe. Also, according to a commenter, the redhead kid at the end is in School of Rock.

The many faces of Nick Offerman

We’re all familiar with the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness, which tells us B.O. is a virtue, crying is only acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon and deer protein is on par with romantic love. Due to the ever-evolving physical appearance of Nick Offerman, the actor and comedian who plays Swanson on NBC’s awesome Parks and Recreation, we now need the Nick Offerman Pyramid of Facial Greatness. How else are we supposed to process all the dye-jobs, cornrows and risqué poses?

To help you stay current, here’s a rundown of five of Offerman’s most striking looks. Vote for your favorite below.

Classic Ron: Plastic hair, epic mustache, basking in the glow of bacon and eggs.


NBC giveth, and NBC taketh away

NBC renewed ‘Community’ for a fourth season, but cut it to 13 episodes and moved it to Friday night.

For TV fans, May is a time of sweeps, finales and cancellation/renewal suspense. It’s also a time to marvel at NBC’s inconsistency. What does the network want? Cookie-cutter shows with broad appeal? High-concept offerings with small but loyal followings? Both? Neither?

NBC’s Thursday night lineup decisions serve as a perfect microcosm for this cognitive dissonance. A quick rundown:

Community: Despite a midseason cancellation scare and consistently mediocre numbers, the cult hit was picked up for a 13-episode fourth season. However, it’s being bumped from the Thursday night comedy bloc and will air Friday at 8:30, after Whitney and before Grimm. So The Greendale Seven live on, but for how long?

30 Rock: After a sixth-season resurgence, Tina Fey and Co. will return for a 13-episode seventh season. Initial reports indicated the 2012-13 run would be 30 Rock’s last, but NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt has since said the “final season” designation is not set in stone.


Eli Manning on ‘SNL’: He’s No Peyton

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After Peyton Manning’s outstanding Saturday Night Live stint in 2007, younger brother Eli tried his hand at hosting last night. Eli was originally asked to host following the Giants’ Super Bowl victory in 2008, but turned down the opportunity to avoid following so closely in his brother’s footsteps.

Four years later, Eli made his debut. And for the most part, he underwhelmed. Or perhaps he performed exactly as expected: He leaned endlessly on the Southern Boy-turned-New Yorker stereotype while delivering skits that were, more often than not, awkward. (more…)