GIF Watch: Richard Harrow’s Running Riot in Boardwalk Season 3 finale


richard harrow boardwalk empire

Richard Harrow goes on a savage killing spree in the Season 3 finale of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

First a matter of housekeeping: We at The Night’s Watch are deeply saddened and disappointed by our own lack of posting lately. It’s you, our loyal readers, who we let down. This is not OK. So with that said, we’re back like Dirty Dan and the Garbage Man.

A lot has happened in our hiatus, so let’s start with the most recent.

(NOTE: If you’re not caught up on season three of Boardwalk Empire, we advise proceeding at your own caution. There are some spoilers — in GIF form! — ahead.)



Taste of Thrones: Batman, Joffrey team up


It’s Wednesday, which means another installment of Taste of Thrones. You may recognize the little twerp above, as none other than Joffrey Baratheon. That’s right, Joff Bitchking was in Batman Begins. It’s a shame that someone with such acting chops as Jack Gleeson would get typecast through his career as an annoying little runt always getting slapped around:


Three reasons to love ‘Mad Men’ Season 5

And, by extension, our blog name:

1. Lane punches Pete Campbell:


‘Mad Men’ finale preview: Peggy, Lane, and what it all might mean

Don’s confrontation with Lane in “Commissions and Fees” will remain a defining moment for the series.

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains details through the most recent episode of Mad Men, “Commissions and Fees.”

Two weeks, two bombshells. That’s perhaps the quickest way to sum up the most recent episodes of Mad Men. Following the latest developments, Season 5 has abruptly switched gears, exchanging Howard Johnson-sponsored vacations and glorious Roger Sterling acid trips for scenarios once unfathomable to even the most cynical viewers.

Peggy quit and Lane committed suicide. Just writing that sentence truly, devastatingly hurts.

Now that we’ve picked our jaws off the floor and finished our requisite mourning, however, the folks at PPC are finally ready to react. And there’s no shortage of questions. Namely: Entering Sunday’s finale, what does it all mean?