Gabe from ‘The Office’ gets tooled by Lance Armstrong in Nike commercial

By C.W.

Lance Armstrong is a dick. This should not be breaking news to anyone. What was news to me, however, is that he did a commercial with that weird guy from corporate, Gabe, from NBC’s The Office. It’s funny, Lance seems like a dude who’s jacked up on PEDs and Gabe is, well, Gabe. Also, according to a commenter, the redhead kid at the end is in School of Rock.


‘Do What Light Does’: RGIII gets in your head with new adidas commercial



He’s everywhere. He’s everyone. He’ll tape your ankles just before he breaks them.

The above video is Robert Griffin III’s new adidas commercial for the adizero 5 star, and it’s just the right mix of badass and hilarious. For some reason, the ominous sounds and constantly changing uniforms remind me of the many faces of the Dark Knight’s Joker, dressed like a cop or a nurse and ready to strike at all moments. Or perhaps Jaquen H’ghar from Game of Thrones. Yes, let’s go with the latter as inspiration for this commercial. A man has patrol duty. A man should not tap on the glass. A man drives a bus while ridin’ sideways. A man winks and smiles before he feasts. OK, just watch the video before I get carried away.

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