‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 7 Finale: A step in the right direction

The gang celebrates the birth of Marvin Waitforit Eriksen during the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ finale.

SPOILER ALERT: The following entry contains information through the most recent episodes of How I Met Your Mother: “The Magician’s Code, Parts One and Two” (Season 7, Episodes 23-24).

So it ends. Season 7 of How I Met Your Mother, officially over. Monday’s two-episode finale saw Marshall and Lily have a baby, Ted reunite with Victoria and Barney successfully propose to Quinn, a development that — based on the season’s long-awaited final image — seems inevitably destined to fail. There was more plot advancement in a one-hour span than during the previous two years combined. That point is almost inarguable.

But something else struck me about “The Magician’s Code, Pts. 1 and 2”. For the first time in a long time, How I Met Your Mother was funny again. That, more than anything, was the biggest surprise of all.