New ‘Skyfall’ trailer offers look at Javier Bardem’s villain



Everything from the first teaser trailer for the new Bond film, Skyfall, is back in this full-length trailer that Sony released on Tuesday. But there’s one key addition: here we get our first real look at the Javier Bardem-played bad guy, and we’re liking what we’re seeing. Bardem has resurrected that ominous voice from No Country for Old Men perfectly for the role. He looks to be a perfect and cunning fit as the new Bond villain, so who cares if that hairdo sparks imagery of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s fat, creepy character from Boogie Nights? The newest installment of 007’s legacy still looks awesome.

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The Newsroom midseason roundtable: Are we there yet?

By TNW staff

Neal has become a popular character on HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’.

We’re five shows deep into HBO’s newest series, The Newsroom, which means we’re at the midseason break. We can cue up the ugly unis and call it an All Star game, or we can poll the TNW experts for how they feel on Aaron Sorkin’s latest project. Since the Olympics are kicking off, we’ve already hit our quota of ugly uniforms, so why don’t we stick with the roundtable, shall we?

Before we get into it, a couple quick orders of business: A) As a sign of solidarity to the mathematically incompetent out there, we’re boycotting the number four. Because, well, fuck four. B) Spoiler Alert: This roundtable contains information from the first five episodes of The Newsroom.

1. In 10 words or less, how do you like The Newsroom?

Jerry Callo: Improving but still leaving me angry after every episode.

CW: Trying to like it, major flaws pushing me away.

BG: Entertaining and smart, but (more than a little) pretentious.

AY: Faltered early, but has (I hope) steered back on course.

MR: It’s witty, thoughtful and engaging, but annoyingly preachy and staged.


Taste of Thrones: Batman, Joffrey team up


It’s Wednesday, which means another installment of Taste of Thrones. You may recognize the little twerp above, as none other than Joffrey Baratheon. That’s right, Joff Bitchking was in Batman Begins. It’s a shame that someone with such acting chops as Jack Gleeson would get typecast through his career as an annoying little runt always getting slapped around:


‘Do What Light Does’: RGIII gets in your head with new adidas commercial



He’s everywhere. He’s everyone. He’ll tape your ankles just before he breaks them.

The above video is Robert Griffin III’s new adidas commercial for the adizero 5 star, and it’s just the right mix of badass and hilarious. For some reason, the ominous sounds and constantly changing uniforms remind me of the many faces of the Dark Knight’s Joker, dressed like a cop or a nurse and ready to strike at all moments. Or perhaps Jaquen H’ghar from Game of Thrones. Yes, let’s go with the latter as inspiration for this commercial. A man has patrol duty. A man should not tap on the glass. A man drives a bus while ridin’ sideways. A man winks and smiles before he feasts. OK, just watch the video before I get carried away.

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America rocks: Five movies that prove it

The fourth of July is winding to a close, which means you’re probably sucking down a few more Buds, listening to a few more Springsteen tracks, scrounging for some leftover burgers and preparing for the evening fireworks. However, we at TNW would like to add one more activity to your list: reminding yourself why America is way, way better than anywhere else. (Suck it Will McAvoy!)

In honor of USA’s birthday, we’ve assembled our five favorite America Rules! clips of all-time (or at least that we could think of). Without further adieu…

5. Rocky IV

USA bitch-slapping Russia at the height of the cold war? Plus stellar use of the montage and a body slam.


Throwdown: ‘The Newsroom’ sparks varying degrees of fondness

Jim, Mackenzie and Maggie help make the News Night crew a more likeable bunch.

Considering HBO renewed The Newsroom after just two episodes of its freshman season, there’s little doubt the network believes it has a gem on its hands. But not all viewers agree. Some see a masterful collection of razor-sharp dialogue, thought-provoking storylines and compelling characters. Others see a mess of ridiculous exchanges, sanctimonious narrative and unlikeable figures.

Which side has it right? TNW throws down to find out.

Spoiler Warning: This post contains information from the first two episodes of The Newsroom.


HBO extends ‘Newsroom,’ ‘True Blood’

HBO renewed The Newsroom for a second season after just two episodes.

HBO announced on Monday that The Newsroom and True Blood will be back for another season. The one-season extension particularly seems like a ringing endorsement for Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom, a show that’s just two episodes in.

The series premier tallied 2.1 million viewers, according to TV Guide, making the debut the premium cable network’s third best series pilot. Boardwalk Empire debuted to 4.8 million while  TNW favorite Game of Thrones attracted 2.2 million for the greatest show that ever was or will be (bias alert).

It’s a bold move for HBO, which is investing in a product that has a very limited sample size. As MR said today, premium subscription cable can get away with that. The show, starring Jeff Daniels as news giant Will McAvoy, still has some kinks to work out, as reviews haven’t all been positive and the second episode seemed to move the characters further from reality and alienate some fans. But Sorkin now knows he has more time to build the series into mandatory viewing.

True Blood’s renewal came as much less of a surprise. The show is four episodes into the fifth season and ratings are still high, with some 4.7 million viewers tuning in before Newsroom’s premiere. But reports are swirling that True Blood‘s head honcho Alan Ball might be taking a more backseat role, so there could be some changes in store for TV’s favorite blood suckers as the show heads into its sixth season.

‘Sorkinisms’ an excuse for ‘Arrested Development’

At TNW, we were all quite fond of The Newsroom (well, it wasn’t unanimous). It’s perfect scheduling by HBO now that Game of Thrones and Veep are over, and it definitely gives us something to look forward to on Sunday nights. Admittedly, I’m not a huge Aaron Sorkin guy (check out what our resident expert NT wrote on The Newsroom premier here), so I don’t know the context for some the quotes in the above video. Apparently the guy has a penchant for recycling lines. It doesn’t change how I feel about Newsroom, but it does make for an enjoyable montage.

Perhaps even more important, that business that starts up around the 2:05 mark gives us a damn good reason to post a classic video. Enjoy.

Trailer Takes: Extreme violence mixed in with a little drug use

The action-packed cast of Expendables 2 is sure to lay the smack-down when this flick hits big screens.

What is it about delicious waffles that make us think Trailer Takes? I just absolutely demolished a pulled pork waffle and a wafflini with ice cream, so I’m sitting fat and happy right now. And there’s no better time to watch some movie trailers and hand out grades.

In this edition of Trailer Takes, we get Savage with some gratuitous violence and cap it off with some recreational drug use. Enjoy…


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