Peter ‘Drunklage’ Stops By SNL’s Weekend Update As Drunk Brother-In-Law

Melissa McCarthy hosted SNL this weekend, but there was a more noteworthy cameo for our purposes: Peter Dinklage Drunklage stopped by Weekend Update with Seth Meyers as Drunk Uncle’s brother in-law. Bobby Moynihan’s Drunk Uncle routine is increasingly becoming one of my favorite recurring characters on SNL, and this week featured several Game of Thrones hooks.

First, Drunk Uncle nails a King Joffrey impersonation at the 2:40 mark of the above video, performing the Westerosi classic “I’m a little jerk King” song and accompanying nipple tassel dance. So not only does Drunk Uncle watch Thrones, but he does so with his brother-in-law, Peter Drunklage.

Honestly, it’s crazy to say that TNW’s favorite Lannister might actually be too good of an actor for this. There’s a real chance Dinklage was actually drunk for this sketch, which made it all the better. We’ll be back shortly with our Game of Thrones Power Rankings, but hopefully the above video satisfies your Peter Dinklage fix until then.


Game of Thrones characters reimagined in Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Mad Men


We’ve all played that game around the office: If my coworkers, family or friends were characters from Game of Thrones, who would they be? Well, the folks over at Vulture took this thinking to a new and awesome level, enlisting an artist to reimagine GoT characters into some of TV’s most beloved personalities from Seinfeld, Arrested Development and Mad Men. TNW offers some thoughts and grades on each rendering:


Here we have The Hound as Kramer, Samwell Tarly as George, Dany as Elaine and Tyrion as Jerry. Let’s break this down from left to right.


Throwdown: Jury’s still out for HBO’s Girls Season 2

By CW and NT

HBO Girls

The second season of HBO’s Girls is slated to premiere on January 13th, 2013.

The first season of HBO’s Girls was met with very mixed reviews. I mean even the TNW staff couldn’t agree after Season 1. But, like it or not, the show will be back in 2013. We’ve got both sides of the debate covered in this Throwdown, but you should also watch the trailer below and decide for yourself.

Throwdown: Are you looking forward to Girls Season 2? 

CW: Not at all. The first season had some moments, but mostly I was bored and disengaged throughout. The characters just didn’t appeal to me and I couldn’t relate to their issues. Now that HBO released the Season 2 trailer, Girls looks headed for a repeat bust.


‘Man of Steel’ teaser trailer: Will it make us forget Superman Returns ever happened?

Man of Steel

This new Superman Man Of Steel teaser shows us a little bit more than the initial trailer — the Russell Crowe dubbed effort from a few months ago — and it already looks to be an upgrade. It centers around events from Clark Kent’s early childhood where he accidentally shows off his super strength by pulling a bus out of a body of water. This most likely explains why we see Kent featured on The Deadliest Catch in the last trailer. Denying his powers? Ashamed by being different? Unwilling to take up the hero mantle? These themes are probably explored early in the film, then moving on to some kind of final showdown.

(Watch the full trailer below.)

But here’s the problem: The teaser does not reveal a villain. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that someone has an evil plan up their sleeve (and that once again, the military will take a non-existent role in the final showdown). Lois Lane and Superman in the field with a growing storm in the background no doubt foreshadows this unknown final battle against this currently faceless bad guy.


GIF Watch: Richard Harrow’s Running Riot in Boardwalk Season 3 finale


richard harrow boardwalk empire

Richard Harrow goes on a savage killing spree in the Season 3 finale of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

First a matter of housekeeping: We at The Night’s Watch are deeply saddened and disappointed by our own lack of posting lately. It’s you, our loyal readers, who we let down. This is not OK. So with that said, we’re back like Dirty Dan and the Garbage Man.

A lot has happened in our hiatus, so let’s start with the most recent.

(NOTE: If you’re not caught up on season three of Boardwalk Empire, we advise proceeding at your own caution. There are some spoilers — in GIF form! — ahead.)


Gabe from ‘The Office’ gets tooled by Lance Armstrong in Nike commercial

By C.W.

Lance Armstrong is a dick. This should not be breaking news to anyone. What was news to me, however, is that he did a commercial with that weird guy from corporate, Gabe, from NBC’s The Office. It’s funny, Lance seems like a dude who’s jacked up on PEDs and Gabe is, well, Gabe. Also, according to a commenter, the redhead kid at the end is in School of Rock.

‘The Walking Dead’ vs blow jobs: Such are the trials of man


Listen, life is all about priorities. Sometimes that means you’re going to have to make some hard decisions. Now I’m not saying this gentleman over at Above Average TV Network made the right call, per se, in watching The Walking Dead over sexy-time with the wifey. But can you blame him? I mean what guy hasn’t found himself in this dilemma? I say godspeed sir, you’re a pioneer on the we-won’t-be-blackmailed-by-sex-anymore front. Enjoy.

(Tip of the flat brim @Shizazaraz)

Seeking Game of Thrones girls? Here’s the greatest Craigslist Ad ever posted


Melisandre, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister

Left to right: The Fire Priestess Melisandre (must be hot), Daenerys Targaryen (must be hot) and Cersei Lannister (must be hot) are being sought by some dude on Craigslist looking for chicks to “act like idiots” with. Sweet.

Honestly, I have little to add to this absurd awesome genius Craigslist post of man seeking Game of Thrones women. Check it out in all its glory here, or the screenshot here in case it gets pulled. So ladies, do you dislike money but REALLY REALLY like Game of Thrones? Help a brother out.

I am seeking women who can pretend to be the women of game of thrones. Requirements are simple, and these are the women I need.

1. The Red haired woman
-you must be hot
-you must be able to say “the night is dark and full of terrors”
-you dont need to have red hair, but you have to buy a wig if you dont


Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley to have cameo on South Park


The new season of South Park kicks off Wednesday, Sept. 26 on Comedy Central. And while we don’t know plotlines for any of the episodes yet, we do know one celebrity/athlete who will be making a guest cameo.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are known Broncos fans, buy what do they want Woodley for? With all the drama in the NFL and sports and just the world in general these days, there’s a million ways they could go. Here are three possibilities:


‘The Newsroom’s’ Charlie Skinner is the man

When he’s not threatening to take out Reese Lansing’s teeth, “one punch at a time,” Charlie Skinner can be found drinking, wearing bow-ties, or making the best facial expressions man has ever seen. And in the season finale, The Greater Fool, Charlie said this:

I mean honestly, do I really need to say anything else?

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