Game of Thrones characters reimagined in Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Mad Men


We’ve all played that game around the office: If my coworkers, family or friends were characters from Game of Thrones, who would they be? Well, the folks over at Vulture took this thinking to a new and awesome level, enlisting an artist to reimagine GoT characters into some of TV’s most beloved personalities from Seinfeld, Arrested Development and Mad Men. TNW offers some thoughts and grades on each rendering:


Here we have The Hound as Kramer, Samwell Tarly as George, Dany as Elaine and Tyrion as Jerry. Let’s break this down from left to right.

In terms of personality, the Hound and Kramer couldn’t be farther apart. The hair is pretty close I guess, so it’s not a totally random comparison, but otherwise these two are nothing alike. I wonder if there isn’t a better match for Kramer. What about Greatjon Umber, Robb’s bannerman who was always by Robb’s side in Season 2, loyal but kind of a wacko? Seems like a better pairing. I’ll make my point with a series of GIFs. Picture the Hound auditioning for a commercial, pimpin’ out on the street, cooking salad in the shower or getting stoked for ice cream. If nothing else, I promise you’ll be thoroughly amused.

Samwell Tarly as George Costanza works on several levels. Their physical appearance is the most obvious: short, chunky, round-faced and balding (or thin-haired in Sam’s case). Sam has some major parent issues, as does George, and he had to cover up who he was as a child for fear of his father’s wrath. So of course they’d pair Sam with the man who once said, “Jerry, please, my whole life is a lie.” Oh, and George is a coward, too. Here’s how George handles a run-in with the Van Buren boys. Here’s Sam when he first joins the Night’s Watch.

Dany as Elaine is OK. We need to see a few things from Dany in Season 3 before we can go all in: 1) Her dance moves compared to Elaine’s; 2) How she handles good news, presumably by yelling “Get out!” and shoving Jorah; 3) How she rations her favorite birth control — is Jorah sponge worthy? Methinks MR would say yes.

Tyrion as Jerry is interesting, if not an obvious choice. They’re both characters who get a large portion of screen time, and they’re guys we consistently root for. They also both think they have more cunning than their homies, though Tywin might disagree and Jerry really should “get down on his knees and thank God he has access to [George] and his dementia!” A case could have been made for a Stark here, or Jon Snow, or even Theon Greyjoy — though I hope Robb takes his head. Still, the similarities between Jerry and Tyrion are plenty: Jerry dates many attractive women, Tyrion loves his whores; Tyrion think himself clever and has a quick wit, Jerry needs a quick wit for his act; Tyrion has an oversized forehead, so does Jerry.

Overall, this was a solid effort. I’d love to see some fringe characters brought into the mix. Which GoT characters would represent Kenny Banya, the Seinfelds and Costanzas or David Putty? Your move, internet.

Poster grade: B-plus

Arrested Development

So much going on here. First, let’s ID them, from left to right: Varys as Tobias, Jamie Lannister as Gob, Cersei as Lindsay, Tywin as George Sr., Tyrion as Michael, Catelyn Stark as Lucille, Joffrey as George Michael, Littlefinger as Buster and Sansa as Maeby.

Joffrey as George Michael is almost perfect. They’re both little bitches, even though George Michael’s awkwardness can be hilarious and Joffrey’s makes me want to punch him repeatedly in the kidney. George Michael struggles when dealing with the opposite sex, while Bitchking Joffrey is clearly terrified of pussy. (Dude, it’s not going to bite, just grab a snorkel and dive in, you’re the King!) The Sansa/Maeby pairing is a perfect fit for Joff/George Michael, you know, in that kinda-wanna-fuck-their-counterpart-but-society-won’t-let-me sort of way. Damn you and your rules, society!

The artist nailed the look on Tyrion’s face, both with regard to Tyrion and George Michael’s storylines. How do we wrangle in this clown-show of a family with issues from all sides getting in the way? Is he thinking about how he can steer this family back to prominence? Or is he coming to the realization that his father is going to tear him a new one since he dated a mentally disabled woman/child and/or brought a whore to court?

Varys as Tobias looks an awful lot like Walter White. I’m not sure whether he’s going to whisper some secret about his gash, cook up a batch of flawless meth or offer up “a banger in the mouth.”

My least favorite on this poster is Littlefinger as Buster. Come on, if you’re going to make this about the Lannister family, Buster needs to be one, too. I’d have gone for Lancel. Then he could adjust his trademarked, ‘Heeyyy brootherrr‘ routine to greet his cousins, still be his goofy (probably inbred) self and remain attached at the hip to Mother (and yes, by “attached the hip” we mean grossly banging Cersei). Oh, and if King Robert the Queen Regent anyone tries to make him the butt of a joke again, he can have an epic freakout:

Poster Grade: B

Mad Men

To ID these from left to right: Brienne as Joan, Jorah Mormont as Bert Cooper, Tyrion as Roger Sterling, Cersei as Betty Francis, Samwell as Harry Crane, Arya as Sally Draper, Joffrey as Pete Campbell, Robb as Don and Daenerys as Peggy.

Now, I don’t actually watch Mad Men. For some thoughts on this rendering, we turn to BG, who had some animated thoughts on how this artist dared to take away Robb Stark’s curls. And I quote:

— BG

Poster Grade: D

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