‘Man of Steel’ teaser trailer: Will it make us forget Superman Returns ever happened?

Man of Steel

This new Superman Man Of Steel teaser shows us a little bit more than the initial trailer — the Russell Crowe dubbed effort from a few months ago — and it already looks to be an upgrade. It centers around events from Clark Kent’s early childhood where he accidentally shows off his super strength by pulling a bus out of a body of water. This most likely explains why we see Kent featured on The Deadliest Catch in the last trailer. Denying his powers? Ashamed by being different? Unwilling to take up the hero mantle? These themes are probably explored early in the film, then moving on to some kind of final showdown.

(Watch the full trailer below.)

But here’s the problem: The teaser does not reveal a villain. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that someone has an evil plan up their sleeve (and that once again, the military will take a non-existent role in the final showdown). Lois Lane and Superman in the field with a growing storm in the background no doubt foreshadows this unknown final battle against this currently faceless bad guy.

I’ll be the first to say I’m a Superman hater, he’s too good overall, with few of the flaws we see in our favorite superheroes. Put simply: it makes Superman hard to identify with. The little-seen and under-hyped Batman franchise showed us how flaws make the protagonist a fully fleshed-out character and not just a comic on screen.

Luckily for us, it seems Warner Bros gathered up most of the talented people in Hollywood (Russell Crowe, Christopher Nolan, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Laurence Fishburne) for this film. Zach Snyder taking the helm and David S. Goyer writing is huge. No doubt the action will be solid, there’ll be great special effects and there will be no shortage of slow motion fight sequences. There should be a more solid backstory than Returns and we’ll get a good idea of what to expect in the already planned sequels. It seems they pulled out all the stops for this flick and even as a Superman detractor, I’ll see this one. Maybe not opening night, but I’ll be there.

In Nolan we trust.

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