GIF Watch: Richard Harrow’s Running Riot in Boardwalk Season 3 finale


richard harrow boardwalk empire

Richard Harrow goes on a savage killing spree in the Season 3 finale of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

First a matter of housekeeping: We at The Night’s Watch are deeply saddened and disappointed by our own lack of posting lately. It’s you, our loyal readers, who we let down. This is not OK. So with that said, we’re back like Dirty Dan and the Garbage Man.

A lot has happened in our hiatus, so let’s start with the most recent.

(NOTE: If you’re not caught up on season three of Boardwalk Empire, we advise proceeding at your own caution. There are some spoilers — in GIF form! — ahead.)

Season three of Boardwalk Empire just wrapped up with an all-out war. Nucky teamed up with Chalky and Al Capone’s Chicago crew to take back Atlantic City from the New York Italians. We’ll get a roundtable to wrap up a great season and look ahead to the next, but I’d really like to break down Richard Harrow’s Halo-like Running Riot from the finale.

Dude goes absolutely nuts on Gyp Rosetti’s men. He walks right in packing serious heat — two pistols, a shotgun and a sniper rifle — and just rips them apart. Really savage stuff, and bonus points because it’s all to rescue an innocent child. Say it with me now: Awwwww. Understandably, his lady friend didn’t seem pleased with him showing up on her doorstep with brain fragments on his face, but I’m still holding out hopes he’ll get to hit that later. I mean, if rescuing a child from a mobster infested whorehouse doesn’t get you laid, then we should really reevaluate where we are as a society.

Courtesy of my newly acquired GIF skills, let’s admire this Running Riot (and then some) kill by kill:

1. First blood

richard harrow boardwalk empire

2. Point blank sniper

richard harrow boardwalk

3. Weapon change

richard harrow boardwalk empire

4. Pistol spree

richard harrow boardwalk empire

5. Killing spree!

richard harrow boardwalk empire

6 & 7. Double kill!

richard harrow boardwalk empire

8. Bludgeoned

richard harrow boardwalk empire

9. Headshot

richard harrow boardwalk empire

10. Running riot!

richard harrow boardwalk empire

11. Curtain call

richard harrow boardwalk empire

12. Up close and personal

richard harrow boardwalk empire

13. Eye on the prize

richard harrow boardwalk empire

Mission accomplished


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