Five Observations from True Blood ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’


Despite Lilith’s naked appearance, Eric chose to stick to mainstreaming in the latest episode of True Blood.

One week after the chaos, after hot-and-naked Lilith crystallized from a puddle of blood and the Authority wreaked havoc on the helpless people of NOLA, things returned to a (relative) state of normalcy in the latest episode of True Blood. Characters made sense of the madness that occurred, and many were forced to declare their loyalty before the all-but-inevitable Human vs. Vampire war.

There were also some lighter moments, including Tara’s angry Fangtasia banter and Alcide’s alpha-male sex throw. Here are five takeaways from “Somebody That I Used To Know.”



In ‘Daddy’s Girlfriend,’ Louie goes looking for love in all the wrong places

By Edward Appleby

Daughters Lilly and Jane try to convince Louie to date in Part I of “Daddy’s Girlfriend.”

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains information from the latest episodes of Louie, “Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 1” and “Daddy’s Girlfriend Part 2” (Season 3, Episodes 4 & 5).

Louis CK relies on the familiar. In his standup and on Louie, he taps into the mundane uniformity of his everyday existence: the gritty details of his parenting, his divorce, his masturbating, his self-loathing. And while he’s unhappy, he’s content in his unhappiness, because it comes from a formula he knows too well. So whenever our man steps out (or is forced out) of his comfort zone, it’s especially resonant.

In the two-part episode “Daddy’s Girlfriend,” Louie is out of his comfort zone often.


The Newsroom midseason roundtable: Are we there yet?

By TNW staff

Neal has become a popular character on HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’.

We’re five shows deep into HBO’s newest series, The Newsroom, which means we’re at the midseason break. We can cue up the ugly unis and call it an All Star game, or we can poll the TNW experts for how they feel on Aaron Sorkin’s latest project. Since the Olympics are kicking off, we’ve already hit our quota of ugly uniforms, so why don’t we stick with the roundtable, shall we?

Before we get into it, a couple quick orders of business: A) As a sign of solidarity to the mathematically incompetent out there, we’re boycotting the number four. Because, well, fuck four. B) Spoiler Alert: This roundtable contains information from the first five episodes of The Newsroom.

1. In 10 words or less, how do you like The Newsroom?

Jerry Callo: Improving but still leaving me angry after every episode.

CW: Trying to like it, major flaws pushing me away.

BG: Entertaining and smart, but (more than a little) pretentious.

AY: Faltered early, but has (I hope) steered back on course.

MR: It’s witty, thoughtful and engaging, but annoyingly preachy and staged.


Breaking Bad Power Rankings: Madrigal

By MR & Edward Appleby

Welcome to the first edition of TNW’s Breaking Bad Power Rankings. “Power” might seem like a cut-and-dry metric in the meth realm, but it’s anything but in the blogosphere. Here, we’re weighing likeability and compelling plot threads as much as actual street clout, so look for movement on a weekly basis.

Spoiler Warning: This post contains details through “Madrigal” (Season 5, Episode 2).


Emmy nomination hits and misses


The nominations for the 64th Primetime Emmys have been released, and we’ve got ample praise and rage for the TV Academy voters. Here’s a quick look at 10 things the Academy got right — and 10 it got woefully wrong.

What the Emmys got right:

• The Best Drama category: Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Homeland and Game of Thrones got nods, marking the first time in Emmy history that no Best Drama contender comes from a Big Four network. It’s a testament to the strength of premium cable and, hopefully, a wakeup call for basic.


Taste of Thrones: Batman, Joffrey team up


It’s Wednesday, which means another installment of Taste of Thrones. You may recognize the little twerp above, as none other than Joffrey Baratheon. That’s right, Joff Bitchking was in Batman Begins. It’s a shame that someone with such acting chops as Jack Gleeson would get typecast through his career as an annoying little runt always getting slapped around:


‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 trailer full of mind-blowing awesomeness


Zombies, governors, katana swords … oh my! Yes, the Season 3 trailer for AMC’s The Walking Dead is now making the rounds after premiering at Comic-Con a few days ago. And trust us, it doesn’t disappoint.

Opening with Michonne (a.k.a. the sword-wielding Andrea-savior) heading into a walker-infested town store, the trailer is frantic in its pace and stunning in its visuals. From the first clear glimpse of Michonne, the trailer quickly cuts to a helicopter flying over Andrea and her new friend. Then … a crash.

It’s not long before we return to Rick and the gang, seemingly where we left them at the conclusion of Season 2, outside the walls of the creepiest-looking, most walker-infested prison the twisted mind of Robert Kirkman could conceive. There’s an impassioned speech by Rick, imploring the troops to push just a little bit further to claim the prison as their new home, followed by the requisite screaming and zombie ass-kicking that we’ve come to know and expect in Walking Dead trailers. Rick concludes with an ominous “This prison is ours.”


‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 premiere roundtable

By TNW Staff

Walt, Jesse and Mike contemplate their next move in “Live Free or Die.”

He won. Which of course means we as viewers won. Walter White is back in our lives, and Sunday nights are all the better for it. Now, TNW’s Breaking Bad enthusiasts share their thoughts on the Season 5 premiere, “Live free or die.”

Spoiler Alert: This post contains key details from the Breaking Bad Season 5 premiere, as well as details from all four earlier seasons. 


‘Do What Light Does’: RGIII gets in your head with new adidas commercial



He’s everywhere. He’s everyone. He’ll tape your ankles just before he breaks them.

The above video is Robert Griffin III’s new adidas commercial for the adizero 5 star, and it’s just the right mix of badass and hilarious. For some reason, the ominous sounds and constantly changing uniforms remind me of the many faces of the Dark Knight’s Joker, dressed like a cop or a nurse and ready to strike at all moments. Or perhaps Jaquen H’ghar from Game of Thrones. Yes, let’s go with the latter as inspiration for this commercial. A man has patrol duty. A man should not tap on the glass. A man drives a bus while ridin’ sideways. A man winks and smiles before he feasts. OK, just watch the video before I get carried away.

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The Newsroom takes a step back with ‘I’ll Try To Fix You’ (Season 1, Episode 4)


Charlie’s high fashion continued to impress, but Will landed in the gossip section of the New York Post for his constant, annoying efforts to “civilize”.

Spoiler Warning: This post contains information through the first four episodes of The Newsroom.

Maybe I spoke too soon when it comes to The Newsroom.

Look, thus far, there is still no denying that I love the show’s concept and execution. It’s eye toward social and political commentary is fascinating and — as a news junkie myself — I can’t get enough of the behind-the-scenes, making-of-NewsNight action. But Sunday’s episode, “I’ll Try To Fix You”, was the most disappointing to date. And that was clear from the get-go: The fact that the episode begins at the show’s in-newsroom New Year’s Eve party should have tipped off that we were in store for a LONG hour.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to see Will, Mac and the rest of the NewsNight gang in social situations. We won’t truly get to know these characters solely from their experiences slaving over oil spills and bashing the Tea Party. But the New Year’s Eve scene didn’t help much, either. It was a giant clusterfuck of stupid and pointless.